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Episode 027 TABOO (pt. 1 of 2) – Tristan Smith: “I’m a goddamn teddy bear you piece of shit!”

Absurdly dark Tristan Smith wades into the nasty, deep end of the comedy pool: TABOO feat.This is one part craft and comedy theory and one part societal debate, all marinated in total fuckery. We dive right in with some David Cross, followed by the great "Kramer Meltdown," Dave Chappelle's response to it, and then George Carlin's seminal bit from the 90's about taboo words and their context. And we argue the bejesus out it all.

Bonus Episode 001 – Ben Rosenfeld

Ben Rosenfeld joins Sandip Sen and Jeff McBride as they dig into work by George Carlin and David Cross. They also touch on writing material from outrage and working toward funny, through which Ben's dark humor "shines" with incisive analysis about smart comedy, learning your style, and gently misanthropic perspective from his early years in Russia.
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