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Episode 052 PRESENCE – Bret Raybould: “Don’t give a fuck if this goes well”

The way-too-likable, philosophically funny comic, Bret Raybould, explores the role of PRESENCE in stand-up from a makeshift recording studio inside Bret's private plane. We break this topic down into "being present" and "stage presence", touching on the stages of learning, flow state, body language, not giving a fuck, and knowing your act. Bret tells us how dealt successfully with following SNL's Leslie Jones after she brought down the house. We dig into these aspects of presence and a lot more via bits by Brody Stevens, Patrice O'Neal, and Dane Cook. All this while we eat gold-crusted caviar off the backs of Bret's devoted team of silent manservants.

Episode 000 – Jeff and Harrison Introduce The Podcast

This is the inaugural episode. Harrison said, "Dude, we should talk and stuff about stuff." Jeff interpreted that to mean that the hosts should record an episode that explains who we are because, without the backdrop of our characters, Jeff seems like a real ass, despite actually being quite harmless. Then we talk about sets!
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