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Episode 000 - Harrison Tweed & Jeff McBride Introduce the Podcast

This is the inaugural episode. Harrison said, “Dude, we should talk and stuff about stuff.” Jeff interpreted that to mean that the hosts should record an episode that explains who we are because, without the backdrop of our characters, Jeff seems like a real ass, despite actually being quite harmless. Shifting grammatical person here, we had a blast shooting the shit about why we enjoy each other, how different we are, and why we just love stand up so damn much. After playing a few of our favorite bits, we played sports commentator as we admired skills and techniques employed to make these bits hit hard.

Featured bits in this episode:

  • Louis CK – Miracle of Flight (2011)
  • Doug Stanhope – Two-Headed Baby (Deadbeat Hero, 2004)
  • Dane Cook – BK Lounge (Harmful If Swallowed, 2003)

Special thanks to Louis, Doug, and Dane in addition to Salt ‘N Peppa for all of our wildly fair use.

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