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Bonus Episode 005 – Sandip, Harrison, and Jeff from the archives

We’ve got more episodes on the way, but it’s summer. Weddings, relationships, shows, etc. In the meantime, have a listen to a comedian Sandip Sen, Harrison Tweed, and Jeff McBride just geek the fuck out about the sadly deceased comedy genius, Greg Giraldo. We listen to his closing bit, called “Happy Birfday” from his 2009 album "Midlife Vices." We’re so giddy over it that we don’t even have a decent analysis between three of us. Then we listen to one little joke from George Carlin that shows what you can make funny once you’ve been doing it for four decades.

Bonus Episode 003 – Patrick Holbert

Jeff McBride and Sandip Sen host this early episode, and they have a blast diving into Patrick's bit about how he is keenly aware of his desire for attention and how he can relate it to a very taboo subject...but no spoilers.

Bonus Episode 002 – Kevin Froleiks

Jeff McBride and Sandip Sen hosted this early episode, and they couldn't get over how clever Kevin's abstract associations were in his bit, "The Boys From Brazil." They talk about how long it can take to make those connections. They then joyfully tear down some Brian Regan and John Mulaney comedy gold.

Bonus Episode 001 – Ben Rosenfeld

Ben Rosenfeld joins Sandip Sen and Jeff McBride as they dig into work by George Carlin and David Cross. They also touch on writing material from outrage and working toward funny, through which Ben's dark humor "shines" with incisive analysis about smart comedy, learning your style, and gently misanthropic perspective from his early years in Russia.
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