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Bonus Episode 003 - Patrick Holbert

This is a bonus episode, which means it was recorded before Harrison Tweed become the permanent co-host and while Jeff was still figuring out this podcasting jazz.

Patrick Holbert is the most charming man alive; and as such, he can get away with some risqué material! He’s a stand up comedian who can be seen all around NYC. He has performed on Sirius XM and hosts the internationally syndicated TV show “The Movie Loft.” In 2016, he appeared on TruTV’s “Hack My Life”.

Jeff McBride and Sandip Sen host this episode, and they have a blast diving into Patrick’s bit about how he is keenly aware of his desire for attention and how he can relate it to a very taboo subject…but no spoilers. You just have to hear it for yourself.

Featured bits in this episode:

  • Bill Burr – The Most Difficult Job On The Planet (Let It Go, 2010)
  • Mark Normand – PC Culture (Conan, 05/13/2016)
  • Sandip Sen – ADD
  • Patrick Holbert – Motorcycle Vanity

Special thanks to Bill Burr, Mark Normand, and (as always) Salt ‘N Peppa for all of our wildly fair use. And the dates of the plugs are for 2016 since this episode was gathering dust before the official podcast launch.

Lastly, you can check out Patrick Holbert’s numerous projects at his website, And have a listen to his podcast, “The Comic’s Table”.

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