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Episode 031 ANGER – Gianmarco Soresi: “Am I imploding or exploding?”

Multi-talented, very funny and passionately neurotic Gianmarco Soresi explores ANGER in stand-up. All three half-Jewish white fellas share temper problems, so we talk tantrums, yelling, when anger goes wrong, and why impotent rage is so damn funny. How do you make things ok so people can laugh while you're expressing genuine anger? We laugh and analyze through bits by four VERY different comedic anger styles: Bill Burr, Sam Kinison, John Mulaney, and Mary Mack.

Bonus Episode 002 – Kevin Froleiks

Jeff McBride and Sandip Sen hosted this early episode, and they couldn't get over how clever Kevin's abstract associations were in his bit, "The Boys From Brazil." They talk about how long it can take to make those connections. They then joyfully tear down some Brian Regan and John Mulaney comedy gold.
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