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Episode 053 CLEAN (1 of 2) – Steven Rogers: “It’s a safe bet”

It’s hard to say whether Steven Rogers is nicer than he is funny or vice-a-versa, but with Stephen Colbert and Brian Regan giving him their official thumbs up, the formula works. Steven will hate this description, but he’s so neighborly, let’s call him stand-up’s young Mr. Rogers. As such, Mr. Rogers, Jr., joins us to discuss CLEAN as it relates to stand-up comedy, and we get some great insights as Steven shares his experiences of opening for Brian Regan and doing The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Episode 043 ANECDOTES – Kate Willett: “Just let me be an idiot”

Newly-minted Netflix "specialist" Kate Willett gets down and dirty with us on stand-up ANECDOTES. Anecdotes are distinct from storytelling, usually lacking the storytelling framework--beginning, middle, and end. They're "pointless." There's no emotional journey. Lives are not changed by an anecdotal incident. Yet these flimsy, insubstantial retellings of inconsequential events are the backbone of a lot of the best stand-up comedy. We explore this and more via bits by Brian Regan, Maria Bamford, and Kate herself.

Episode 008 WORD CHOICE – Casey James Salengo: “Every day it’s like I never learned anything before”

Casey James Salengo is a New York stand up comic, writer, and actor. He's a lovably funny guy who likes things simple and hilariously acknowledges his refusal to learn from his life experience. He is the very essence is laissez-faire, and it really works for him. He's a master of carefully selecting the right words to compliment his theatrical comedy style, and some very good things have come his way recently. So this episode explores two themes: "word choice" in material and "opportunities" in show business.

Bonus Episode 002 – Kevin Froleiks

Jeff McBride and Sandip Sen hosted this early episode, and they couldn't get over how clever Kevin's abstract associations were in his bit, "The Boys From Brazil." They talk about how long it can take to make those connections. They then joyfully tear down some Brian Regan and John Mulaney comedy gold.
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