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Episode 038 WRONG - Mike Recine: "Like a rollercoaster that gets to the top & catches fire"

Conan alum Mike Recine is a nationally touring headliner and a hysterically twisted joke writer–the perfect guy to explore WRONG comedy. What is it? How can comics do it well, and why can it go so badly? Everyone has laughed at something and said “That’s wrong!” Or at least we’ve all laughed at things that simply are incorrect or illogical. Why? How does that work? What’s funny about wrongness, and why is it that kind of comedy such a big deal for society and for stand-up right now? We sink our teeth into all that and a lot more in this hilarious and earnest conversation using material from Dave Chappelle, Patrice O’Neal, Anthony Jeselnik, and Mike Recine himself.


Jersey-raised Mike Recine is an accomplished and hilarious headliner and podcaster. He’s been on Conan twice, has an album out from Comedy Dynamics, a half hour Comedy Central special, and a successful podcast called “The Sitdown w/ Mike Recine,” plus a lot more. His darkly joyful jokes are brilliant, surprising, and often hysterically “wrong,” blending observation and personal storytelling with a pitch-perfect dark wit, and he was absolutely perfect for this episode of LTAS.

– Dave Chappelle – Joys Of Being Wrong (Bird Revelation, 2017)
– Patrice O’Neal – Harrassment Day (Elephant in the Room, 2011)
– Mike Recine – Excerpts from Comedy Central’s “The Half Hour” (Season 5, Episode 13, 2016)
– Mike Recine – Worst Pedophile (Conan, 2016)
– Anthony Jeselnik – Seduction (Shakespeare, 2010)

Thank you Mike! You really make us laugh, man.

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MIKE’S ALBUM: “Union Delegate”
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Special thanks Dave Chappelle “old man of comedy” wisdom, Patrice O’Neal’s immortal funny bones, and Anthony Jeselnik.

And, Salt N’ Peppa, our love abides.

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For this episode, our sometimes editor and executive producer, Bobbi Jeanne Misick, has our heartfelt gratitude. She’s absolutely wonderful to work with–she’s punctual, highly skilled, communicates clearly and with a great sense of humor, and on top of all that, she’s goodhearted gem of a human being and a good comic. Thank you Bobbi Jeanne!
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