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Episode 037 COMMITMENT - Andrea Allan "Ripping your chest open onstage"

Andrea Allan, an aggressive, crazy, “wild animal” of a comedian, joins us to chart COMMITMENT through stand-up comedy. When a comic creates a provocative performance or talks about challenging topics, he or she can face overwhelming negative pressure from the crowd. But if the comic pulls through the end and gets a huge laugh, people will say, “She’s committed!” You don’t need commitment when everyone already agrees with you or if you’re playing it safe. Commitment is for when it gets tough, and it’s the only way ANYTHING worth doing gets done. So what is it? How do you employ it? What are some tips and tactics for staying committed to a bit? We have a blast in this very dirty episode exploring commitment to character, to tone, to material, to act outs, and to oneself.

Andrea is a stand-up comedian and podcaster based in NY. As a stand-up, she has been featured in NY Comedy Festival, been written up in Interrobang and featured in the March Madness Stand Up Competition held at Carolines. She has guested on the podcast Risk!, Lenny Letter Presents, You Know What Dude and Guys We Fucked amongst many others. Her podcast, The Hot Mess Comedy Hour, has been written up in Elite Daily and is a part of ABC’s OG podcast Network. The podcast has had many prominent guests including Ari Shaffir, Corinne Fisher, Bonnie McFarlane and Jo Firestone.

– Doug Stanhope – Keynesian Economic Theory As Applied To Private Sector Independent Contracting (2011, Before Turning The Gun On Himself)
– Andrea Allan – A set at Platform (2018)
– Kurt Metzger – I’m basically Salmon Rushdie (2014, White Precious)
– Eddie Murphy – Singers Get Pussy (Delirious, 1983)

Thank you, Bobbi Jeanne Misick, our new Executive Producer! Your suggestions, feedback,and editing skills are GAME CHANGERS! NEW GAME! TOTALLY CHANGED!

And thank you, Andrea, for your scintillating presence. We loved recording with you!


instagram/andrea_allan88 (preferred)

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Special thanks Doug Stanhope’s degrading of language, Kurt Metzger’s hysterical assholery, and Eddie Murphy’s comedy explosivity.

And, as always, just come on over here you little sexy wondermuffins, Salt N’ Peppa, for some hugs to thank you for helping little ol’ us with our rinky-dink podcast by not putting lawyers between us, which would be ridiculous to do anyhow considering the fair use parody we’re doing, which is really an homage when you think about it.

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